Monday, August 20, 2007

Services from Smorty to Benefit Both Advertisers & Bloggers

Immediately upon your blog’s approval from Smorty, you get two get paid to blog offers. Thereafter, publishers who blog for money are informed via email when there are offers from advertisers who advertise on blogs. Only suitable bloggers are notified regarding advertising campaigns. While waiting, bloggers should try to achieve higher Google pagerank, Alexa ranking, quality content, & etc in order for their blogs to appeal to advertisers.

Smorty requires a minimum of 150 words in a post. I find writing 150 words makes for a richer content in a post. I should think that the minimum 150 word requirements make the link to a client’s website more search engine friendly. In turn, it gives added value for money to an advertiser in the already cost effective market of blog advertising. Smorty is a good place bloggers to connect with advertisers & get paid for blogging. Payments for sponsored posts are made to blogger’s Paypal accounts.

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