Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Keeping Blog Readers & Blogging Marketplaces Happy

You may want to have more than one or two blogs. Once your blog is accepted by many blogging marketplaces, you may notice that the sponsored post start to fill your blog very quickly. Some blog readers find the situation to be annoying because it becomes more difficult to read the blog’s original content. Hence, having a sponsored blog posts to normal blog post ratio of at least 1:1 can keep most blogging marketplaces & readers happy.

Otherwise some blogging marketplaces may start to question whether your blog is solely for sponsored post or for the blogging itself. Not to mention losing readership count. Having a few more blogs can spread the sponsored posts more evenly. So make sure you can write plenty of above 50 words blog themed posts before you decide to write a blog. Therefore, you can easily maintain a particular blog in the future.

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