Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cgold Not a Gold Dealer

Exchange your gold jewelry for gold grams in your cgold account. old jewelry are accepted beginning Jan 2008. Assaying fees apply. There can be more similar services at worldwide cgold franchise in the future like in Canada. Is it an good optional way to fund your cgold holding account.

Quoted from the Chairman, C-gold representative at Goldage forums:

Would c-gold buy it from me in the future?

"C-gold isn't a gold dealer and doesn't buy or sell anything. However you can always drop off the bar - or any other bar (starting next month the minimum is reduces to 10g bars) at the Commerce Gold Penang shop, and bail it into your user account.
There is an assaying fee of max $20 per item (depending on size, weight, shape, type and purity) though. Beginning in January we also plan to accept lower grade jewelry items, which will be molten into 24ct ingots."

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