Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Excitement Awaiting My First Payout at LoudLaunch

It is going to be my first payout from advertisers at LoudLaunch blogging marketplace. I am feeling so excited. Mind you, it is a lot of work. The usual request of advertisers is 200 word minimum per post for $10. Some advertisers request a 300 word minimum.

At least they do not make extravagant demands like some demanding advertisers on other blogging marketplaces where you may receive a 300 word minimum plus 4 links plus image offer for only $5 remuneration. On the other hand, maybe it would seem so for blogs with little or no Google page rank at LoudLaunch. I’m glad LoudLaunch accepted my blog after it acquired a page rank 3 from Google. More about LoudLaunch blogging marketplace.

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