Friday, October 5, 2007

Portable DVD player is Answer for Mobile Movies

Perhaps you want to have a go at writing a movie blog & start posting your reviews, critics, cast information, & etc on your blog. Of course, in order to write things about a movie, one would be required to watch the movie to find the details which are worth writing about in the movie. Also, doing some research about the movie on the internet can provide more information & images for your blog post.

It takes about 1 hour & 45 minutes to watch one movie. Some of us may have a day job, night job, working part time, or whatever & may not be able to spend so many hours in a day watching movies. So how do you go about watching a movie on the way to work, at the bus stop, waiting for the train, on a coffee break, in the toilet, & etc? The answer is the portable DVD player. Movies are fun to watch especially on a portable 10 inch DVD player. Blogging about it can come naturally to you especially when you are a movie enthusiast.

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