Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Disinfecting UV Scanner Kills Germs

There is a new UV (Ultra Violet) scanner for sale on the internet. The Disinfecting UV scanner will disinfect & sterilize to just about any applied object. Bacteria & viruses within its kill zone include E-Coli, Bacillus Subtilin, Staphylococcus Auras, Hepatitis, Influenza, & etc. It is effective greater than 99.9% rate.

How does Ultraviolet light work to kill germs, bacteria & viruses? The DNA of bacteria, viruses & other pathogens are deactivated so that they are unable to multiply & cause disease. Swipe the UV Scanner over an object for about 10-20 seconds for best results. The portability comes with its 5” folded & 9” opened form.

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