Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Decision to Sign Up with LunarPages

Today I finally decided to signup with Lunarpages especially because of the great discounts! I purchased a basic webhosting plan account that costs me $6.95 per month. I chose the 12 month payment option. Therefore, I am paying for my account at $7.95 per month.

I used the 1FreeSave28 coupon. So, I got one extra free month added to my account. Also, I got a $28 discount off my purchase. It is a fantastic deal! Initially, the price was $95.4. One extra month would cost me another $7.95. The total was $103.35. I had to pay only around 70% of it.

Instead of paying the full $103.35 for a deal like mine, you too can pay only $67.4 or even much more less for the same purchase. Use the 1FreeSave28 coupon. It is simply great! I paid for my account with my Paypal funds so it cost me an extra $5 plus to pay via Stratocash.

Nonetheless, the process was quick. The hardest part for me was to think about the new domain name that I wanted for my website hosted on Lunarpages. I had one thought of a few weeks ago but I checked it today & it was gone.

Just a word of advice, once you really like a domain name, then get it quick because regardless of how rare the name sounds, like “Aitekal”, it is likely that somebody else is going to buy it. I had to spend around an hour to think about a new name for my new website.

Thereafter, I finally paid for my purchase to Lunarpages. I expected an immediate response from Lunarpages about my purchase. I did not receive an email from Lunarpages immediately but I did receive a thank you email from Stratocash.

I contacted Lunarpages. Support was fast as usual. I asked about my account. I needed a username for my spanking new Lunarpages webhosting account. Lunarpages support told me that I had to wait around two to three days before my account was activated especially since I paid with my Paypal funds.

Lo & behold. I checked my email account after a few hours & there were about six emails from Lunarpages concerning my activated account. So far, the service from Lunarpages is top notch. I am starting to think that my decision to host my website at Lunarpages is a superb “value for money” deal.

I am going to give you a fantastic $30 rebate when you sign up for a Lunarpages webhosting plan using my links in my blog (click on my blog’s link in the article footnote below). Contact me after your sign up (I shall pay you with my Paypal funds after a two months probation period).

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