Wednesday, March 26, 2008

G-Archiver Freeware Sends Your Password To CreaTor

G-Archiver allows one to backup a Google email account onto one’s hard drive. The software is a freeware & available for download online. I would not touch it even with a long stick. Why? Well, the freeware is known to take one’s email account password & username & send them to the software creator’s email account! Credit goes to Larry Dignan at ZDNet for finding the source code with the particular unwanted function in the freeware.

For folks who have not heard of it, or never will, then it’s perhaps better but for folks who are already using it; then they may want to stop using it & change their Google mail account password immediately. It is an example of the many freewares available for download which unknowingly could harbor a more discreet function. It’s better to use trustworthy softwares from companies that are reputable & have some form of authentication done to assure the public that it does not contain what its not supposed to contain.

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