Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New ExTernal Hard Drive From Your PC’s Old InTernal One

Perhaps you have an old hard drive that still work fine but the rest of the PC is busted. I can tell you that it can still be used as your back up external hard drive! How, you say? Well, what you need is a USB Cable Adapter. You can take out the old unused SATA/IDE hard drive from your busted PC, place it on your desk & hook it up to your functioning PC using the adapter via USB.
Presto! You have a back-up external hard disk! Why would you want to spend $270 for a pretty looking 500GB external hard drive when you can buy the SATA/IDE USB Cable Adapter online at Worldstart for only about $20 plus free shipping in the US? Unless, of course, that you do not own an old internal hard drive in the first place.

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