Tuesday, April 1, 2008

STarTKey: MicrosoFT Flavor To Flash Drives

The scenario: You are not at home & did not bring your notebook with you. Anyway, you have to use another computer like your friend’s computer or any other computer on a network. Most probably, the Windows are different in looks, settings, & etc. You would probably become disoriented & perhaps uncomfortable too throughout the use because of it.

Microsoft has plans to provide an accompanying utility for Windows users on their USB flash drives. The “Windows companion” named StartKey will allow Windows users to carry their Windows & Windows Live settings. The utility, rumored to be released before the end of the year would probably be in Beta form. What is the possible extent of the StartKey utility?

Well, it seems Windows plans to fully work the StartKey environment all the way from system software on the flash devices becoming more Windows flavor to enabling third party products optimizing the StartKey. It is even more evident reflecting at the agreement Microsoft forged with Sandisk, the data storage manufacturer back in May 2007 in which Microsoft’ software would replace the system software, U3 Smart technology in the Sandisk flash drives.

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