Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Compiled Leads Summaries on Highly Specialized Content Blogs

Bloggers can help major search engines organize the contents of the internet. One way is for bloggers to provide posts that compile certain information including & importantly; leads on a particular topic together. Instead of people looking individually at search results on the major search engines, they can visit a post on your blog that already lists the researched info & leads in a a blog post.

I reckon by having such compiled posts it saves people the effort. It helps more when a blog has highly specialized content! It provides a jump start for people to receive improved search results on major search engines & have irrelevant content sites filtered out. Hence the internet is more organized. I believe that the type of compiled summaries is the future top ranking search results.

A blog could be so good about a pinpointed topic that people would bookmark it & virtually subscribe to its readership like a blog ONLY about Fujitsu notebooks for example. Compiled lead summaries is to be what everybody is looking for because why read other posts when they do not tell you the choices you have about a topic? Of course, it is the responsibility of the blogger to manage the blog content & how to present the compiled lead summaries optimally.

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