Saturday, April 26, 2008

Data Recovery: Maybe Not on Your Own

Missing data? There is usually only one thing to do which is to use data recovery to recover the missing data. It’s a very complicated process. It is possible that you would need expert help regarding the matter. Hard drives are very complex machines with fragile components in them. More often than not, only trained people should be attempting to go inside the physical bowels of a hard drive.

Usually, just like when you send your computer for repair, a trained technician will have a look at your hard drive then inform you of the problem & cost. Don’t be surprised when you are mentioned about the cost. You may as well try to bargain the price or go to another data recovery specialist. Just don’t try to do it your self because there is the risk that the data will be unrecoverable by the data recovery specialist after your attempt.

How about a disk repair utility? Should you use one in case the data on your hard drive cannot be accessed? In case you are just about to do it, then maybe you should place your finger as far away from the GO button. The software will probably write to the disk, overwriting current data that you want recovered. Yes, so let’s just forget about data recovery using a hard disk repair utility. We are trying to recover data & not to make things more difficult.

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