Saturday, April 19, 2008

Favicon Setup Takes Almost a Year

After almost a year gone, I have finally got down to making favicons for my site. Yeah well, I have been busy. Anyway, I just found a site ( that helps us make easy work of favicons! Sooo…what are favicons? They are the small logo of your company or site of your design that you want shown on Mozilla, Opera, & IE7 browser tabs & left side of address url instead of the blank note pad or browser logo. Only IE7 does not show the favicon on the address url. I would only recommend favicons for blogs or sites that are hosted on your own hosted domain unlike or You would need access to the root directory of your site.

First upload your image to your hosting server than take the link & paste it into the “Online Image” blank space & click on “Generate”. The “Local Image” does not seem to work for me so you just leave it blank. Follow the third instruction on the site; you can paste the code in the “header” file section of your Wordpress theme editor & you’re done! Do note that you should use the “favicon” file name instead of “faviconyoursitename” because IE7 seems to only respond to the prior. Also note that you may have to clear the cookies of your browser to use the site more. Maybe there are a lot of people using it too. Hopefully, you would take less than a year to do a favicon for your site unlike me! *chuckle*

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