Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My First Adsense Payout from Google

The other day I received my first payment from Google for my Adsense efforts. Well, it took almost a year for me to receive a minimum payout. Well, it certainly took quite a while for me. I reckon I can do better the next few months as I have increased the total Aimvotal Project Blogs from 4 to 7 blogs.

I have a final blog in mind. I think it’s an excellent theme & can be developed into one that will generate good traffic & readership. I can’t mention elaborate about it yet because I’m still busy with my other existing blogs. Anyway, I am targeting at earning more with Google Adsense because the Internet giant had plummeted most of my blogs back into PR 0 which is not good for advertising clients who want exposure on high PR ranking blogs.

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