Monday, April 28, 2008

Great Blogs & Great Traffic

Blogs rule the internet. Ok, I am exaggerating. Actually Google rules the internet. Blogs come in a very distant second. *chuckle*. Blogs are popular that you probably have one too. Blogs are great for a whole load of stuff like expressing one’s self & learning new stuff. Yet, the problem with blogs is that it’s difficult for people to see them. There are a whole load of great blogs on the internet including mine (*chuckle* ) that a lot of people do not know they exists. So, the usual question goes like “How do we generate more traffic to our blogs?” There are many ways to go about it but content is the number one factor.

Specific content other than about one’s boring self would be a good start. Yeah, I’m boring so it’s why I do not start a blog about myself. Try a specific content such as working from home, saving money, or being a good partner, you are automatically likely to get a bigger audience. At least it’s better for people to read stuff other than your daily adventures or lack of it. The number two factor is Search Engine ranking. It’s one solution to the lack of traffic on your blog. There are plenty of sites & experts talking day in & day out about the topic. There are professionals who handle SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for client’s blogs & etc. One such company is

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