Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monitor Your Child’s Use of Online Video Websites

Many parents are perhaps unaware that their children is uploading & sharing their own videos to online video sites like Google Video or YouTube. There are concerns for parents to know whether their children are actively using the online video sites. One of the concerns is that some ultra liberal online video sites offer pornography with little or no restrictions for anybody regardless of age to view them. Some internet users go one step ahead by making the online video sites a place to find dates & potential love partners.

As considerate, thoughtful, & responsible parents; one should converse to their children about online video sites. Watching adult videos or being on an online video site that serves adult rated videos is an irresponsible act of the children. Being teenagers, you may not receive the correct response from them so you may want to do a bit of your own investigative work on online video sites too. Try performing a search using any screen names, nick names or even the child’s real name on the sites. Basically, you as a parent may want to take action which includes blocking the website or monitor them. Also, provide entertaining, fun, & educational videos which can also be obtained online for your children.

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