Sunday, April 13, 2008

People Search Result Widgets to Share Findings

Search for anybody or someone you know online using the people search engine from Spock- the best for people search. It’s easy to use like a normal search engine. The difference is that Spock specializes in searching for people. Anybody who has a blog, website or social network page for example will be found by Spock! Spock is good tool to have to help find your long forgotten classmate in high school, a popular movie actress, information on your local dentist, or even a bunch of Brazilian supermodels!

With over 1 billion search results at Spock, you can be sure to find the information you need. Let’s say that you want to search for information on the world famous Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen for example. The search results will list all the websites that has information on the supermodel, listed with available images from the sites too! The search results will include sites where Gisele Bundchen information is available like on MySpace, imdb, & any blogs.

What is given extra to users of Spock is the convenient search result widget. One can simply copy the provided html for the search result widget & paste it on one’s site for other people to view! It’s a splendid addition to related blog posts! One can choose from a flash or javascript search result widget. Both of them look alluring with images & links. You no longer have to do links to relevant website of folks like Gisele Bundchen manually anymore!

Head over to today & start searching for information you want on folks over the internet. You will not regret the find! Searching for information on people is made easier with Spock. No longer to do you have to wade through tons of websites & blogs from major search engine results. The hard part is automatically done for you at! Once you use, you may never want to search for people on the internet using major search engines anymore!

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