Thursday, April 3, 2008

Unique Baseball Martian Ball Game - uVme Games

Tired of seeing & playing lame games with low entertainment factor on the internet? uVme promises to be a different online gaming endeavor. Sign up to play games with other folks competing with each other for free. One can still play for free on any games on the uVme site. Invite your friends over to open an account & meet up at the site during free hours. The one with the best game skills win! There are a large variety of games to be played on the uVme site like 21 Shots Basketball, Arcade Ducks, & Bubble Trouble.

I particularly like the Martian Ball game as it is an unusual form of hitting a baseball. The graphic is simple & entertaining. The objective of the game is simple where a player has to hit & rehit the ball in mid flight as far away as possible! Also convenient for members are the myriad ways for withdrawing winnings & depositing funds. Methods include Neteller, Paypal, & major credit card brands like Visa & Mastercard. Start giving challenges to other registered users & begin winning prize money today!

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