Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dream Aquarium Screensaver Infused with Realistic Behaviors

Add some soothing classical music to your leisure & let the alluring screensaver play on the monitor. The world’s most advanced virtual aquarium will have you playing it for hours on end. The fish & other water creatures in it are 100% computer generated. Infused with realistic behaviors, the fish, crabs, & plant life mimic a real life aquarium! Who knows, you might even want to purchase a separate monitor just to play it continuously on your workspace.

The Dream Aquarium screensaver creates a relaxing environment into your workspace. You may want to download a free trial like now! The Dream Aquarium screensaver is available for various computer operating systems including Windows, Vista, Mac OSX, & Linux. Available from; for about $20, you can download the full version onto your computer & start experiencing the joyous atmosphere of exquisite aquarium life. Also note that 20% of the profits from your purchase will go to environmental charities.

Some features of the Dream Aquarium screensaver:

• Quality 3D CGI (computer generated imagery)
• 18 current species of fish
• Aquarium Settings
• Sound control
• Fish quantity & selection
• Widescreen formatting & multi-monitor support

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