Monday, May 19, 2008

Fan in a Mouse with LED Light

I am feeling like a little bit pessimistic about the fan in the mouse gadget. It is not like your hand is stuck to the mouse when you are working. The fan, which can be switched on from the side can provide a sense of comfort. A cool breeze on one’s palm is a good feeling. No the problem would be in maintenance. You know how computer fans tend to accumulate dusts after a period of usage. Well, with the large amount of fenestrations (holes) that the USB fan mouse possesses, it looks like one not so simple clean up. Cleaning one tiny hole after another is not fun!Then you would have to open up the mouse to clean the fan too! Uggghh…so much fuss over a simple mouse. Another negative factor would be the kind of air that breezes out of the device. It does not have a cooler or air conditioning system. During hot days, you cold receive hot air breeze, not comfortable. In case you are interested anyway, the device is available online for purchase at with the usual free shipping in the US. The cost is about $15. I am informing you just in case you like the idea of a cool hand when working a mouse. Other features include a LED light behind the wide scroll wheel.

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