Thursday, May 8, 2008


Tired of straining your eyes to see the letters on your keyboard? Perhaps the letters on your present keyboard is on its way to fade into oblivion. Well. Any of the above reason is good enough for you to take a look at the LARGE PRINT KEYBOARD. The large prints make learning to type fast easier. Don’t worry, your friends might ask you whether you had eyesight problems to be using a keyboard with such big letters. Brush aside the pride & work with the thing that performs better for you! Even the older generation who might really have eyesight problems will thank you for the keyboard.

Some features of the Large Print Multimedia Keyboard:

• Open Your Internet Homepage
• Run Your Media Player (Play, FF, REW, Pause, Etc)
• Adjust Volume
• Put The Computer On Standby & shutdown Windows

The item can be purchased online for about $15 at where US shipping seems to be always FOC (Free of Charge). It was on sale the other day but you can take a look at the current pricing on the website. Happy Typing!

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