Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hard Drive Parts Prone to Overheating

The platters of the hard drive or hard disk (by the way, both are the same thing) is the main area that suffers from overheating. The platters are where the data flows in, out, & stored. Magnetic material that covers the platters will be destroyed as the expansion of the glass, aluminum, ceramic, or whatever else the base material for the platters due to overheating. Once the magnetic material is gone, so is the data. It is why you see unreadable sectors or damaged sectors on your computer’s hard drive during diagnostics.

The hard drive has many other parts that can easily be damaged due to overheating. They include the controller chip, read & write heads, & head actuator. Any damage imposed on them by overheating will result in the hard drive to cease functioning properly. For example, without the read & write heads able to make contact with the magnetic material, data cannot be written or read hence defeating the function of storing data on the hard drive.

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