Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Looking into a Microscope of Web Search Results

A good alternative search engine that you may want to add to your browser is the Grokker search engine from It’s not really a search engine on its own but rather a web application that takes results form major search engines like Yahoo & presents the results in a more graphical way instead of the usual text format. So to speak, you can consider it as a meta-search engine. Ok, maybe it’s not a real search engine but the application organizes the search results unlike regular search engines. By clicking on the map view, you receive search results that are organized in circles according to the amount & type of search results.

Hence, you no longer have to browse through thousands of ranked websites like on major search engines. Simply go to the circle that you think is the appropriate category of your search results, & you’re done! Well, unless you do find the particular search result; you are still going to be browsing to other circles of search results on the map view. At least, the information is already organized for you & you can zoom in & out of the circle whenever you wish! It feels like looking at a circular object through a microscope. To go to the sites, simply click on the corresponding list of sites on your right of the web application like in the above image.

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