Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wi-Fi Signal Status Tshirts to Help You & Others Too

You don’t have to use your laptop to check whether Wifi available in the area nor do you have to use a special small device to do the same thing. How about one unique way to let you know about the Wifi signal in the area? Introducing the Wi-Fi Detector Shirt! The technology is brought to you buy the robot monkeys at ThinkGeek. The Wifi tshirt you are wearing allows other people to see the Wifi levels in the area too!

Wi-Fi Signal Status tshirts are available for purchase online for about $30 on ( Buy yours today & start helping other people near you know the Wifi levels in the area. You will receive the special attention that you have always craved for & be a babe magnet for ladies who are addicted to the internet! Not recommended for home use. Wi-Fi Detector Shirt is highly recommended to be worn where the ladies frolic. The special Wi-Fi Detector Shirt will do the same to a lady wearing it & attract the opposite sex too!

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