Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Helping with Domain & Web Hosting

I made the blog post especially to a valued IEL blog reader & commenter Shiva. The purpose is to help him with his endeavor of acquiring his own domain, web hosting, & start earning money from blogging. All you require; Shiva, is a Paypal account, a few PR3 blogs, signups at many blogging marketplaces, & relentless blogging. Then you start seeing the money rolling in your Paypal account. Also, do read the Terms of Service at blogging marketplaces. You do not want your account closed before earning your loot. Maybe I forgot a few other things but it is no big a deal. By the way, my real name is Abas. How can I be of your assistance, Shiva? Web Hosting

You want me to buy the domain name & hosting account for you? You may decide to choose Lunarpages by clicking on the Lunarpages buttton; top right of my blog page & easily open an account. You can click on the Lunarpages button in the post too. Payments are accepted via credit card, paypal, or etc. I use Lunarpages too. Customer service is excellent from Lunarpages. You can expect your emails to Lunarpages support answered swiftly (between a few minutes to about 48 hours). Furthermore, free softwares & best prices ($4.95 per month for 2 years) in the market are provided by Lunarpages. You just tell me how I can help you, Shiva. Cheers to you.


Selerines said...

Nice one Abas. First time i am using your name. Thanks for explaining this much.... Actually i am leaving to my work by September/October. I am in the blogging field for almost 4 months. I am waiting for Google PR update. After the update i will start to earn from my Selerines World, Anna University World, Two to Blog, Ritch's World and so on.. After earning money i am planning to buy a unique domain for me. For that only i asked your guidance. Any way this information is very useful, surely i will try it. Hopefully send your mail ID, so that we can keep in touch in Gtalk. Hey dude one more thing do you have any idea about hiding posts in blogspot. Because there is one plugin in Wordpress to hide posts. I am searching for it to hide my sponsored posts in future. So if you have any idea about it kindly tell me. Don't forget about GTalk... I hope that i will earn some money through blogging.. I am waiting for my turn..

Have a nice time....

a.i. editor said...

Nope, sorry, dude. I would have done it too but I do not know how to hide sponsored posts from Google's eyes.

Gtalk? I prefer to use Skype. You can Skype me at abaskamal. Thanks for stopping by again, Shiva.

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