Saturday, July 26, 2008


I for one prefer headphones. They are more comfortable to wear & don’t irritate your ear as easily as an invasive piece of small pebble sized plastic can to your ears. It is funny how earphones come in a standard size when each individual may have different sized ear openings. Nonetheless, because of its compact size & lightness, earphones did catch on starting during the ‘Walkman’ era.

Do you like earphones or head phones?

Headphones have never left the market & like me, many consumers prefer the softness of the speaker padding on their ears, encapsulating sounds, & superior comfort of use over style & over the miniature. Well, now you don’t have to live without the extra style in your portable music listening lifestyle. Behold the LOGITECH HEADPHONES that look sleek, lightweight, & water resistant to withstand rain & sweat! Available online for the cheapest price of $14.97 & US Shipping is Free! The sound produced will make sure that you never want to use irritating earphone buds again! LOGITECH HEADPHONES ROCK!


Sivakumar said...

I prefer Headphones too... Its really a nice experience to hear music through it....

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a.i. editor said...

Yeah, headphones are more comfortable than earphones.

You are welcome. Sure, you can count on my cooperation, Shiva. Ok, now I know which posts on your blog are sponsored.

I don't know about forever but as long as possible is good enough, I would think, Lol.

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