Monday, August 11, 2008

Intel’s Main Advantage: Speed of Having New Products

Let us briefly compare side by side, the main offerings from both Intel & AMD quad core microprocessors. You can see that AMD’s strategy is taking the competitors weakness as its strength. AMD keeps mentioning about its superior 2mb L3 cache; touted as better than any of its competitors while Intel is in a competition with its own past achievements. Intel is staying away from a head to head “chicken play” with AMD by producing new products much faster than its nearest competitors even though it misses a few innovative hits like a new L3 cache.

However, Intel more than compensates by improving it microprocessors in other avenues like SSE4 instructions & more efficient materials like the hafnium metal gate silicon technology. Intel’s speed of having new products into the computer consumer market is the main reason why it is the microprocessor market leader today. Are you opinionated that AMD is doing it's best to compete with Intel? People usually want a new product they can use now rather than wait for a marginally better product after a few months. AMD’s chance to be the new market leader will come from its ability to do the same like Intel; not only talk the talk but also walk the walk.

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