Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dunnigton 6 Core Chip Peta Flop Computing Capability

The Dunnington 6 core microprocessors from Intel are the next in line to be released to the consumer market. Users of the Dunnington microprocessors will own a piece of Peta flop level computing technology. Don't you think that it's only part of Intel's marketing strategy? The Peta flop computing technology, a computer that calculates a thousand trillion flotation points per second, exists in Intel’s lab demo of a powerful peta flop computer that utilizes Dunnington microprocessors.

It seems that from a marketing point of view, Intel is using its research & development arm to show consumers the full capability of its microprocessors. It is unlikely that an individual home user will be buying like 60 or more pieces of Dunnigton microprocessors to build a peta flop home computer. Nonetheless, the appeal of it exists, & people will go like “You know, I own a 6 core Intel microprocessor that has peta-flop computing potential!” One must admit that it is a very appealing prospect! Do you want a piece of peta-flop computer for basic home use?

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