Friday, September 5, 2008

To Skip Intel vPro Upgrade

It is more worthwhile to just skip the vPro & go with a future upgrade? The vPro microprocessors are built on the newest hafnium-infused 45nm Intel® Core™ micro-architecture. A slightly better performance can also be expected of the vPro chips over its older 65nm Intel® Core™2 Duo processor with vPro technology cousin. Targeted at users of business computers & servers, the 45nm vPro microprocessors proactively protect systems & allow IT administrators to quickly identify & contain security threats, heal systems, and remotely deploy critical software patches 56 percent faster.


Selerines said...

That's good..... 56% faster, seems to be really nice... But what about the rates dude?

a.i. editor said...

Hi, Shiva.

I have a few more posts on the Intel vPro chip on soon. Maybe it has son info on the rates. err..what rates are you looking for exactly?

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