Saturday, December 27, 2008

Using Overture/Yahoo Effectively for Getting Visitors to Your Site

Overture was the original inventor of the P4P or Pay for Performance & was taken over by Yahoo. The online advertising system was a hit because of the many businesses wanting to take advantage of the system. Overture was & is still is one of the easiest & convenient way to shop online.

Here’s how it works. To have a person go to a site from another site through ads would mean that the ads on the source site needs to be very visible. It is a way to direct potential customers to the site. The site using Overture/Yahoo would receive increase in traffic & sales. Overture/Yahoo provides a service where companies can have their ads on sites. The ads are shown when certain keywords are used on the sites having the ads. Website visitors are critical for any internet based business. High traffic volume will increase the percentage of successful sales for your company. Overture/Yahoo helps.

The same principles are used with Google Adwords. Google Adwords & Overture/Yahoo uses keyword & keyword phrase searches to determine which ads to be shown. Ads from Overture/Yahoo are all over the internet like on the browsers & not limited to publisher sites like blogs or business websites. For instance, when a person searches using a web browser, typing in a keyword or keyword phrase, then the search enginie gives out the results in a page. On the page as well, it could be on the right, on the top, & etc; you will see selected ads that are paid by advertisers, relevant to the search.

Let me give you an example. Perhaps you have a Real Estate business. You choose keywords that will prompt your ads on a page when a keyword is searched. When a search engine user types in Buying House, then your ad will be shown provided you have designated Buying House as one of your keywords. The Overture/Yahoo service is not free. You will be charged in the number of keywords or keyword phrases that you specify & how many instances that people click on your ads.

Mind you, Overture/Yahoo is not a cheap way to advertise your online business. Nonetheless, a marketing service like Overture/Yahoo provides faster results & on a larger scale. So you would have to consider using Overture/Yahoo services as a form of investment. With so much competition in the internet based businesses, a leap forward by using Overture/Yahoo will provide your business the edge it needs over the competition.

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