Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Simulator - Use MT4 Visual Back Test Feature Better

Perhaps you already tried doing FOREX trading once before in the past then you have probably heard of the MT4 FOREX trading platform. MT4 provides a good client trading terminal & I use it frequently as there are many standard indicators & custom indicators that one can install in it. Also, many FOREX brokers like InterbankFX, FXPro, & etc use the platform so you can make a good choice of brokers. One feature that you can take advantage of using the MT4 FOREX trading platform is the visual back testing. By using the visual back testing feature, one can test one’s paper trading strategy as well as using Expert advisors (computer programs); the latter with which I am still vaguely familiar.

Nonetheless, for FOREX traders, both experienced & the inexperienced, the visual back tester of the MT4 provides the ability to test one’s FOREX trading strategy with charts from years, even more than a decade back! For more information on using the MT4 visual back testing feature, you may want to head over to forums as I have found a free MT4 trading simulator software that allows one to use the MT4 visual back testing feature to a better extent. PDF & software is provided so you can start testing your trading strategy as soon as possible. Now you no longer have to practice your trading system, waiting for hours on end for so little testing data! With the software, you can test a month’s, a year, ten years, & etc worth of data way faster! Happy Trading!

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