Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hyips Stays Away from Cgold

Hyips (High Yield Investment Programs) are going to stay away from cgold because of the verification system. It is possible that hyips are making many people dislike egold. Why is it so difficult for egold to have a good customer verification system?

It's reluctance to comply & lack of effort on its part for years means that it associates itself with scammers who take advantage of the simplistic egold system. egold keeps on saying that banks have the verification system so why should egold. egold is stubborn even when the odds are against them, not to mention the DOJ (Department of Justice).

Some people liken Egold to Enron. Not many people expected Enron to fall from grace & many people are having the same opinion about egold. However, how many big companies in the world are like Enron? Not many to my knowledge but the companies do exist & wheels are in motion towards their downfall. I would not be surprised that egold closes now nor would I be surprised to see it struggle in existence.

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