Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hoping C-gold Opens a KL Branch

Perhaps c-gold is like when windows first came out; bland, boring looking, minimal aesthetics, as long as it works kind of like an Operating System software. Now, there is the super beautiful Windows vista. My point being aesthetics can be upgraded later. I saw some photos of c-gold branch in Penang, Malaysia. They look more appealing than the website & with a "collapsing" safe vault too. I wouldn't mind storing some gold at the Penang branch but I hope c-gold opens a KL branch. The closer my precious metals are to my home then the better because I do not feel good with my precious metals being far away from me. Otherwise, I may as well keep my gold at my home. PhhBBtt! :P

1 comment:

Mark Herpel said...

C-gold is excellent, we like them very much. Great service and quality management.

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