Thursday, December 24, 2009

‘Anytime Refund’ iPage Web Hosting Review at

Many web hosting services out there offers a myriad of features and promises yet more goodies in their web hosting packages. However, not many of them do offer an ‘Anytime’ money back guarantee! This guarantee is important because some buyers might not like the service they paid for after a few months then decide to go elsewhere. Another real scenario is that the customer decides to terminate their web hosting account prematurely after having paid for a one or two years web hosting package. This could be due to unforeseen business failure, change to non-internet target market, etc. Without an ‘Anytime’ money back guarantee, such people will have to accept that their money spent on web hosting can never be returned to them. You want a web hosting companies that understands this and refund the remainder of your current payment term!

A web hosting company called iPage is one of the few companies that provide an ‘Anytime’ money back guarantee to cater to the above scenarios and more without questions asked. More so, the web hosting packages are top notch with their cheapest web hosting package going for only $3.50 per month! Their servers are powered by 100% wind energy so that’s a bonus for environmentally conscious customers! Another feature of iPage web hosting service is that the control panel is a bit more versatile than the typical cPanel you get from other web hosting services. Customer support is prompt with options of 24/7 phone, live chat and ticket support. A full hosting review of iPage covering its features, price, reliability, support, and more can be found at So, for webmasters and online business owners who want top notch service coupled with environmentally friendly system, good customer support, and let’s not forget the ‘Anytime’ money back guarantee - look no further than iPage.

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