Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Protecting Children from Online Sexual Predators & Adult Rated Videos

Children nowadays are connected to the internet like syrup cordial with water. People including parents, police officers, politicians, teachers, & etc are concerned about the people children meet online. In some cases, individuals mask themselves as young children to take advantage of the young children after deciding to meet in the real world. The sexual predators are a worrying factor for parents with children who often use the internet as a social tool.

It’s not enough that parent should be concerned with the chatting programs, social networking sites & online chat rooms but also regarding online video websites. Many of the online video sites allow anybody to view videos with the simple click of a button be able to also access some adult rated content. Children tend to mimic the actions of adults so watching the crazy things that adults do is not a good example for children. There are parent control software available but most importantly, parents should talk to their children about the responsibility of not watching the videos with content that are not suitable for them.

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