Saturday, January 16, 2010

Transferring Photos & Videos Wirelessly Gets Better with the Eye-Fi Pro X2 Card

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There is surely no easier way to upload photos and videos from a digital camera to the computer or to Facebook, Flickr, etc simply by being in the vicinity of the computer! No more taking the memory card out of the digital camera, sticking it into the USB card reader, and clicking a few more buttons to finally get the files copied to the computer. Sounds familiar? Also - no more hooking up the digital camera to the USB cable to do the same. Those days are over! It is so much easier and efficient by using the Eye-Fi wireless SD memory card. What happens when my USB card reader ceases to work? No problem – I can use my Eye-Fi! What happens when the USB cable gets misplaced? No problem because I got my Eye-Fi! By using Eye-Fi, I can place the USB card reader and the digital camera’s USB cable in a safe storage without fear of losing them.

I take a lot of photos and videos outdoors so I can’t bring my wireless router with me. Neither can I expect to be always in a wireless hotspot. Furthermore, an Eye-Fi wireless SD memory card with a bigger storage size will do me better. The Eye-Fi Pro X2 card allows RAW uploads for streamlined workflow, Ad Hoc capabilities, and provides 8GB of storage size! This means with the card’s Ad Hoc capability, I don’t even require a wireless router or be in a hotspot to make file transfers from my SDHC capable digital camera to my computer. The files transfer directly to my computer and gets organized in date-based folders without a wireless access point or hotspot! Better yet, this card has an Endless Memory Mode, where space is automatically freed in the card after a safe transfer.

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