Sunday, January 24, 2010

Think of These Things before Purchasing a Computer System

What do you want to do with the machine? Provided the main purpose for you to buy a computer is to play games on it then you may want to buy the best machine you can afford. Gaming demands high graphic capable machines as the game makers constantly push the envelope in utilizing computer resources, especially in the graphics output department. A powerful video card and plenty of RAMs will definitely make a big difference in your gaming experience.

For the daily net surfers, the high speed internet connection in your area should be your primary concern. You can have any kind of computer, regardless of performance standard and still surf at a snail pace with bad connection from your internet service provider. Apart from that, you won’t need a high end computer system just to browse the web. An entry level setup computer system will suffice. Nonetheless, a computer with a decent level of multimedia capability can help for viewing fancy graphics on the web.

When work is on your mind, then buying a computer with bundled software of your choice should be your priority. Make sure you search for a computer system that comes with the bundled software you require and not just virtually useless bloat ware. There is no sense in paying for software that you won’t even use.

Are you fascinated by the large monitors advertised nowadays? Sure, 32” of prime viewing space real estate is tempting but it might not be the best option for you. The first thing to consider is the price. Extra large monitors cost significantly more as they increase in size by the inch. A 20” monitor can cost almost half the price as that of a 24” monitor. Test the various sizes of monitors at the shop before you buy one as then you may notice the value in paying more than a few hundred dollars extra for just a few inches gain in screen size. You may even realize that the value is not worth the price.

Some internet companies offer low prices for computer systems when you sign up with their internet packages. You got to read the fine print here because you might not get the deal that you expected. Find out how much the internet cost per month from the company will be. Do you have to pay a lump sum for a service contract? Perhaps you find over a couple of months that the internet connection from that ISP (Internet Service Provider) is indecent and you choose to terminate your account. Will the ISP incur a penalty for your early termination of your account? Remember that low prices can be deceiving.

You probably have seen some ads where computer systems are sold in a package together with a scanner and a printer. Before you buy the package ask yourself whether the scanner or printer is the model that you want and check the individual prices for the items at other shops when sold separately. You might find a better deal elsewhere as these packages are not necessarily cheaper then buying the computer system and the other items separately.

What kind of computer suits your lifestyle? Is it a laptop or a desktop computer? Unless you want to be moving about most of the time, you will be better off buying a desktop system which by the way, offer more power to price ratio. Of course, a large desktop computer system won’t make much sense in a small room. In such a case, a laptop computer will offer more comfort to you.

Now here’s the part where many computer buyers, even the experienced ones fall victim. You have found a computer system that is very well endowed with excellent specifications that you desire. A problem can arise in the form of after sales support, warranty and availability of technical support. It is no fun to have an expensive and powerful machine that’s broken sitting uselessly on the desk for days or even weeks as the owner is in limbo without support from the computer vendor. Make sure you receive excellent warranty protection, there is a service station nearby you, and that the technical support is always available by phone when you mostly use your computer.

Lastly, computer components keep getting better and better every six months or so. Soon enough, you find that your computer system is becoming a tad bit outdated in keeping up with the equally progressive and ever demanding computer applications that you use. You might only be able to afford to upgrade one thing in your computer system. That one thing should be computer RAMs. Extra RAM will be most helpful with whatever you will be doing on your computer.

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