Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Permanently ‘Kill’ the Computer Hard Drive

Are you worried & losing sleep at night over the super secret contents you have on your hard drive & don’t know how to permanently delete them? Well you can’t use any software to delete the sensitive data on your hard drive nor can you do something decently physical to destroy your computer hard drive. The solutions that I will point out to you from the Screen Savers video, hosted by Patrick & Norton are not recommended to be tried at home.

The featured hard drive ‘killing’ methods are destructively efficient. One method to ‘Kill’ involves attempting to melt the entire hard drive in powerful industry grade acid. The other method in the video involves using military issued Thermite to burn the hard drive (along with many parts of the computer) in a 3000 degree heat (not sure whether it is in Celsius or Fahrenheit but anyway sure sounds like a lot of heat). Alarming stuff but effective; confirming that the secrets in your computer hard drive will forever remain a secret.

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