Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Always a Discount with Online Coupons

Some of us that actually do our shopping online (even though this might be a rare occasion) might remember the nervous times when we first bought something online. Today, shopping online is much safer and so much more similar to shopping in a real world store. For instance, we also use coupons online. CouponChief.com invited me to peruse their vast supply of coupons in March. The difference between online coupons and the coupons that we cut out from newspapers is that online coupons are digital.

When asked, “Do you use coupons when shopping online?” some of us will answer this question with a simple “No.” Some of us will instead pose the question, “No, what are coupons?” In some cases we might also get the answer, “Yes, we have this system but I have never bought anything online using coupons before.” This situation reflects the reality of how some of us who shop online are foregoing the discounts that can be had with online coupons. When asked, “Let's say somebody wants to give you a lot of online coupons for free to do shopping online. Would you use these coupons to shop online?” most of us if not all of us will answer, “Yes.”

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