Sunday, May 23, 2010

Copywriting Inspiration Rambling Going Nowhere

I got to do sample copywriting write-ups. Hopefully, the write-ups can create passive income for me. Still, I’m highly skeptical of that as affiliate links and banners sales never worked for me in the past. Anyway, link them with many articles that show the products as solutions. Where do I place the copywriting write-ups? On my IEL and MS free hosted blogs? No, then where? My current hosting account makes me feel bored - like having a premature ejaculation. Perhaps for sample copywriting write-ups it’s alright to place them on my IEL or MS blogs. I mean, they are just samples although the product written about is very real.

So what is the point when knowing that without specialized URL and paid hosting, there will be virtually no sales? What is the purpose of the sample copywriting write-ups now? Am I going to offer copywriting services? Look, my main goal here is to generate passive income and not to do continuous recurring work. Passive income means continuously receiving revenue from sales and not doing any work more than what was initially required. My sales letters (copywriting write-ups) will do the selling for me. Well, at least this is the idea sung by many thousands of internet marketers. My initial work is to choose a solution (product), write the sales letter, have it looking professional, give it a relevant long tail URL, host it somewhere good, and link the site to articles that emphasizes the product as what it is - a solution truly worthy of being purchased.

I need a budget for this project: one project, one product. The product has got to be believable, not a fad or a temporary trend. It has got to be evergreen, a solution for now and the future. An anti aging product that promotes a healthy looking body and longevity will be a good start; since I like the thought of eternal life so much. Man, this never took off. Huhu ;-)

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