Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Revolution in Computer Laptop Technology Considered Luxury Items

These laptop makers seem to be able to find a way to make the prices of laptops remain at $3000 per unit. This was the price per laptop in the early 90s when they were considered luxurious luxury items. Well, seems like this has not changed. The worst thing is that revolution in computer technology is considered luxury items. A normal laptop today was a luxury item twenty years ago. Today, the luxury item is the high-end gaming laptop. Now, since when is some complicated electronic gadget a powerful gaming laptop a high end luxury item?

You can say something that’s Gucci, Prada, or the likes as luxury items but a flat computer box that looks like it’s been designed by teenage angst as luxury, oh, come on! Who needs super computers on their laptops anyway? Why the rush in making your computers obsolete every two years or so? Sure, research and development is costly. That economics but who is really pushing the price envelope here? Who is demanding for faster computer computers while the rest of the world doesn’t really need any? It’s the gamers! These pc gamers are evil! Please excuse me now while I go render a highly detailed skyscraper on my laptop.

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