Thursday, July 1, 2010

Newest Place to Buy Gold - Vending Machines

The newest place where you can buy gold is not online but rather from a vending machine. Somebody came up with the bright idea to sell 24 karat gold coins and small bars up to ten grams via vending machines. This novelty service also allows you to have your purchased gold from the vending machine engraved with your own design. What will they think of next?

Still, you won’t be able to buy gold coins or let alone see this kind of vending machine in your office cafeteria or the shopping mall - at least not at malls that lack the Beverly Hills kind of clientele anyway. Word has it that the gold vending machine also comes with an armed security force, parameter laser armament defense system and am automatic 911 call capability. Of course, I’m only kidding with the last two.

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