Wednesday, July 14, 2010

World Cup 2010 South Africa: Japan VS Cameroon

Can’t expect Japan’s team play to be top world standard but at least they showed that they had done their homework. Cameroon on the other hand looked like a bunch of chiseled catwalk models lost on a football field. Cameroon was not a team playing on a field but rather a bunch of individual superstars playing on a field. The game showed how team spirit, hard work, practice and perseverance can beat a bunch of out of synch superstars. Surely, the Cameroon team (if it can be called a team at all) is in South Africa for a World Cup holiday, taking a well earned break from their serious high paying jobs with top football clubs. No style, ridiculous strategy, lack of practice was the order of the day for Cameroon. What were they thinking when virtually the entire first half they seemed contempt to play in their own half? World class potential unreleased; that’s Cameroon yesterday – beyond disappointment. Not worth following up on this one.

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