Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cost: Choosing PC Gaming or Console Gaming

Games consoles used to be great alternative for folks who do not know how to build their own gaming PC rig. Nowadays, gaming consoles have evolved & can hold its own against the powerful PCs of the PC Gaming world. In fact, there are instances when you can see gaming consoles taking over the lead in the gaming industry. When it happens, you start to find a lot of articles like PC Gaming VS Console Gaming, Why Console Gaming is better than PC Gaming, & so on & so forth being published.

For me, PC Gaming involves a lot of cost. You have to buy the Gaming standard PC which includes a powerful processor, a powerful graphics card, preferably the costly liquid cooling system, an airtight casing so that your PC won’t make too much noise from the powerful graphics card fans, & a whole lot more. Yes, you will receive the better ‘eye candy’ (graphics clarity) with a very powerful computer gaming system but sooner than you think, there will be new games that are more demanding, forcing you to upgrade your PC Gaming system. For PC Gaming enthusiast who has plenty of cash to spare, it is not a problem.

On the other hand, for many gamers, upgrading an already pricey gaming rig to a pricier one is not an option. Such a scenario brings many original PC Gamers away from PC Gaming & onto looking at gaming consoles as a viable gaming alternative. Why? It is because gaming consoles do not have to be upgraded as extensively as a Gaming PC. In fact, you may find that you will not have to upgrade anything until a few years or even perhaps half a decade until the next generation Gaming console is released. Compare that to the Gaming PC technology that revolutionizes itself after every 6 months.

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