Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lettuce Leaves as Good as Money

I bought some freshly made popcorn then. The popcorn was packed into two plastic packets closed with plastic thread. These are small than what I am used to buying. No matter as the price was proportionate to the size. I took out my wallet and handed the girl a few leaves of lettuce. I was quite surprised that I was paying with lettuce instead of money yet I did not say anything to express myself thinking that maybe with my silence the girl would accept this ludicrous form of payment. I was in for another surprise. The girl looked at me with disbelief on her face. I was ready to accept the leaves of lettuce back until she said, “Oh, this is OK. The leaves are still fresh.” I smiled in silent astonishment and swiftly walked away. Perhaps someday as the human population on earth becomes unsustainable then this would be a reality.

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