Monday, February 21, 2011

Change Otherwise China Will Crumble Under Its Own Weight

Strange don't you think how the second biggest economy in the world ; China has a lot of poor working class people. People's blood is used to stimulate the GDP, many are poor and cannot afford to buy a house even while working on a business executive level and with a degree. Many policies in this country is useless and corrupt officials are a menace to the people.

These things have to change otherwise China will crumble under its own weight, I believe. What happens when many people are educated and see through all of this and prefer to work abroad? There are a lot of people in China now but the next working generation will not be as many due to 1 baby per family policy. The rich will have to find more cheap workers from the villages to use. This can't last forever. Eventually,no more cheap labor.

This demographic based Economic phenomenon is called the Japan Syndrome. Seems to me like this being a 2nd biggest economy in the world and maybe the biggest economy in 2025 will be unsustainable because people by nature do not like to be used. China can't manipulate its cheap labor resources forever, I mean.

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