Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Awesome Free Subscription Offer from Fotolia!

I have been using Fotolia for over three years now as a Micro-stock photographer. From an uploader's standpoint, Fotolia's photo uploading system is among the best there is. There are plenty of quality photos, video, vectors, and illustrations there sold at a low price. The service at Fotolia is good too.

Here's how things just got better for me at Fotolia! It feels awesome when a great offer like this comes by when needed. I was browsing for photos online to put in my 3D artwork. I remembered that the good people from Fotolia had given me a Blogger Special one-month trial free subscription. With this opportunity I can download five XXL sized (5000 plus pixels) of my choosing everyday for one whole month! That's like 150 free photos! I have to pay like zero dollars. Yes, the zero that looks like an egg.

Also, I don't even have to give my credit/debit card number to Fotolia in order to have this free subscription. Moreover, I can invite some people for a 2-week free Fotolia subscription with three images per day download limit! That's like 42 free high quality images!

I'm smiling from ear to ear today because of this month free subscription I received. You can contact me and I'll hook you up for a free 2-weeks Fotolia subscription!

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