Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quality Solder Eutectic that's Cheaper than Silver

I’ve been handling quite a few Electronic components orders these past few weeks for Electrical Engineering clients. So here’s a high quality solder eutectic that is cheaper than silver yet contains lead free alloys for your electrical engineering projects. The Nihon Superior SN100c from FTC Assembly is a patented addition of nickel to the tin-copper eutectic. Some of the advantages of this product: Bridge-free wave soldering at 250°C- 260°C (482°F- 500°F), does not require special solder pots; smooth, bright fillets; no shorts on QFP to 0.65mm, 100 pins; can be used in air, and so on. So, for the refined, professional look, the Nihon Superior SN100c will give the results on par with your highly developed Electronics skills.

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