Friday, September 28, 2012

Failbox 360 Plug Tweek Play

Failbox 360 - its not only Plug N Play, its Plug - Tweek for 5 Hours - then Play technology. WTH, I wanted to play Tekken 6 on the Failbox 360 Elite for half an hour maybe but the dang thing needs 5 hours of attention just to start. 

So did this & that including putting it a 45-degree angle, upside down, with its back facing to the autumn sun reflected off the Australian winter snow which UV ray's was then captured by the Microjunk space satellite and beamed down to the Failbox 360 but to no avail. After 4 hours off odd on-and-off 500-button presses of the red eye cyclops Failbox 360, it came to be that an hour, maybe less, of leaving the television & the Failbox 360 on does this dang machine finally gets in the mood to run. So, the system needs a half-hour warm-up now does it? OMF city!

So knowing that the soul of this Microjunk may again be excessively reluctant to work, I spent the whole night playing "Lili" sexa rich bimbo character in Tekken 6. Yes, did all the moves in the command list as well as the two 10x combos. Tried figuring out the sample combos but the initial moves were sort of strangely hard to do - so scratch that.

So yes, the Failbox 360 Elite can be played for hours on end but be prepared to give away the equal amount of time trying to make the dang piece of 360 I-Told-You-So Microjunk to work.

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