Friday, January 18, 2013

3ds Max 3D Modeling Hypnotic Spiral Projector Screen Tutorial

3D Hypnotic Spiral Projector Screen available at Shutterstock - click now1. Exporting & Importing the Projector Screen Object

a. Open the Projector Screen Sketchup object and export the object to ‘.3ds’ file.

b. ‘Import’ or ‘Merge’ into 3ds Max the Projector Screen ‘.3ds’ object (the latter might be impossible)

c. The Projector Screen object will be a 3D object -> save the file

2. Creating the Hypnotic Spiral

a. Acquire the image and open in Adobe Illustrator (or Paint, Photoshop for file type conversion) -> save as jpg
• Here’s what’s NOT to do: Open the Hypnotic Spiral image in AI -> Right-click choose ‘Create Outline’ -> Export as AutoCAD drawing -> Import the AutoCAD drawing into 3ds Max -> Select ‘Segment’ in rollout -> Select & delete frame -> ‘Edit Poly’ -> Result will be too heavy (too many polygons)
hypnotic spiral source image

b. Continue the RIGHT method here -> Ctrl + Right-click -> Select ‘Plane’ and draw in ‘Top’ viewport

c. Press ‘M’ to open ‘Material Editor’ –> Click small box beside ‘Diffuse’, select ‘’Bitmap’, open ‘jpg’ file -> Click ‘Assign Material to Selection’ button (third button from left beneath the sample windows) -> Click on ‘Show Standard Map in Viewport’ button (fourth button from right under sample windows) which will apply and show the ‘Hypnotic Spiral’ bitmap in the viewports

d. Adjust bitmap size to exact jpeg size in 'rollout' -> Press ‘F3’ to hide image on plane

e. Choose ‘Line’-> Draw following the outlines of the ‘Hypnotic Spiral’ image casually -> Right-click choose 'Bezier' -> Adjust the lines to best resemble the image -> Rename the line to ‘Hypnotic Spiral’

f. Go to the ‘Modify’ section of the rollout -> May add more ‘Vertex’-> Choose ‘Segment’ in 'rollout' then choose ‘Divide’ or alternatively right-click choose ‘Divide’ (Set a fixed amount of vertexes every time in the numeric entry space on the right of the ‘Divide’ button in the rollout)

g. May want to put this modifier easily accessible as button in the rollout -> Click the ‘Configure Modifier Sets’ button on the most right below the sub-object window middle of the rollout -> set ‘Total button amount’ -> Select a button on the right then double-click the modifier from the left list to be made into new rollout buttons

h. Go to ‘Modifier’ drop-down list and choose ‘Bevel’ or click the button in the rollout if it had been made in the prior step -> Level 1: Height: 12.7mm Outline: 0, Tick to activate Level 2: Height: 12.7mm Outline: 0, Level 3: Height: 12.7mm Outline: -3.5mm

i. Tools -> Grid and Snap Settings -> Choose Snaps required -> ‘Options’ tab-> Tick to activate everything -> Click 'S' every time to toggle ‘Snap’ feature on (Snap move orientation F5: X, F6: Y, F7: Z, F8: free) -> Move the ‘Hypnotic Spiral’ object to the surface of the projector screen at center

That’s it! Now the 3D model can progress to rendering!

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